May the Trivia Be With You: Star Wars Trivia Night

05/04/2024 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET




  • $20.00  -  Single Attendee Ticket
  • $150.00  -  Reserved Table (Up to 6 People)


Columbus, OH


A short time ago, in a galaxy not far away, we realized what we wanted to do on May 4th: Be with you!


May the Trivia Be With You! - Star Wars/Mandalorian Edition


Is The Force with you? Or will you succumb to the power of the Dark Side? 

A short time ago, in a galaxy not far away, we realized what we wanted to do on May 4th: Be with you! Specifically, we wanted to invite you to take your first step into a larger world of Star Wars trivia! Come join us for an intergalactic battle between Rebel and Empire quiz teams as your knowledge of Star Wars and The Mandalorian gets put to the test.

Do you know your Dark Side from Light? Your Ewoks from your Jawas? Your Endors from your Mandalores? We hope so because the fate of the galaxy depends on it. Or at least the fate of the sweet prizes we have up for grabs anyway. A lover and not a fighter? That's cool too. If you're more interested in the chance to cosplay as your favourite Star Wars character and make use of our galactic photo op backdrop, try your luck in our raffle, or spend an evening in the company of like-minded Star Wars fans, we've got you covered.

So join us for a fun-filled evening in celebration of Star Wars Day on Saturday, May 4th. Bring your friends and come as a team of six for a reserved spot together and score a special surprise, or join a team of new friends once you get here. There is no requirement to dress up, but we highly encourage it! Members and non-members alike are welcome, the bar will be open, and snacks will be available. May the Force be with you!

Important Deets!

📅 Date: May 4th 2024
⏰ Time: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
📍 Location: Wicked Eden, 2912 South High ST, Columbus Ohio 43207

Pre-register Single Admission - $20
Door Ticket Single Admission - $25
Reserved Table (6 people) - $150
A Reserved Table guarantees you'll be paired up with your friends and comes with 6 drink tickets per group (along with some surprise themed goodies🤩)!

Attendees will be ID checked at the door. Must be 21+ to attend.
  • Drinks! The bar will be open with a variety of beverages for our 21+ guests, as well as mocktails and water, to quench your thirst!
  • Snacks! When the urge to snack hits you, we've got you covered!
  • Charity Raffle! We’ve got some Star Wars themed surprises up for raffle, as well as our usual fun/kinky stuff too!
  • Jedi Minds Tricks (aka Mulligans) - Not sure what these are? Mulligan stickers can be purchased (one set of 5 per team max). They can be used on questions that have you torn or stumped! It guarantees a ‘correct’ answer for the question you mark! “This is the answer you are looking for!”
  • Fancy swag! Our signature merch is always available for purchase as well!
Since this is a themed Star Wars event, we encourage attendees to put on their best gear from a galaxy far away!
When it comes to attire, we want to encourage comfort and expression at Wicked Eden. We want you to feel comfortable and in the mood to have an adventure! We want you to feel safe expressing yourself in whatever you desire. We encourage you to go outside your comfort zone with festive, outrageous, or fantastic clothing you never get to wear anywhere else.

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PLEASE NOTE: No refunds will be given on ticket purchases.

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